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Rogue Warden

John David Dempsey is the warden of Oxbow Penitentiary, the prime position of power at the bloodiest prison in the South. Although he takes his career seriously, his morality is overpowered by a deep hunger for large sums of money. To quench this lust, he has struck a deal with a powerful oil tycoon, and he now oversees the dumping of chemicals and toxic waste into the river surrounding the prison grounds. He is rewarded handsomely for this, but after three years of illegal disposal, an environmental disaster looms, and with it, an infestation of mutant inmates poised to destroy all mortal life in their path. Can John David halt the carnage and mayhem that he ultimately brought to Oxbow? Can he save his beloved wife, and the other innocent spouses and children who reside in the village located on the prison grounds?  This will be the truest test of his character. This is his nightmare.

*This is an ebook only.